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Shutter Blinds

At Village Fabrics we provide a wide range of beautiful hand made interior shutters in made-to-measure sizes, with a multitude of designs and finishes ideal for your home.

Our shutters offer considerable light control allowing you to manage the amount of light, whether you want to minimise the light or brightening up a room and flood it with natural light.

Shutters also provide flexibility by operating different louvre panels to ensure the right level of privacy as well as the amount of light. They can be used to manage insulation and regulate a room’s temperature with a framed shutter preveting cold air during winter months entering a room, whilst for the summer months, the white shutters will reflect heat away from a room.

Louvre sizes vary in size, and when combined with a range of frame designs, you can find the ideal fit and appearance for your windows.

Our shutters come in a large selection of colours from bright white to a range of subtle pastel colours to suit most homes. We can even create a particular colour should you have a specific colour preference to match an existing room.

Contact us today to visit our extensive shutter range and find the ideal shutter blinds for your home.